Sponsorship and Fee

Sponsor Information for Qatari students


Qatari students who meet the selection criteria established by business organizations or by governmental organizations such as the Higher Education Institute may have their tuition paid by these organizations.

A Qatari student who wishes to be sponsored by MOE(Ministry of Education) must make sure they meet their eligibility requirement. Once admitted by the ABP a Qatari student are expected to start their sponsorship file with MOE.    

If a Qatari student is sponsored by a business organizations letter from the sponsor is required and must certify that they sponsor the applicant and that all costs will be borne by the sponsoring organization. The letter must be brought to the ABP finance office

Qatari students who are not eligible for HEI sponsorship may also be sponsored by private organizations or their families.


Sponsor Information for Non-Qatari students


Non-Qatari students are usually sponsored by their families.

Non-Qatari students may also be sponsored by private organizations. If a non-Qatari student is sponsored by a private organization, they must provide a proof of sponsorship to the ABP finance office.

The ABP offers a limited number of scholarships for non-Qatari students. These scholarships are based on academic achievement at the ABP in the first semester and on proof of financial need. There are no scholarships available in the first semester. Scholarships are for the second semester and only for the students who were enrolled and paid first semester fees.

ABP Fees

The student is responsible for all tuition and fees for the ABP unless the Academic Bridge Program receives a statement of full support from a sponsoring agency.

Corporate sponsorship and sponsorship from the Ministry o Education (MOE) are often available for Qatari students.


*Tuition fees are subject to change.

All text books and educational supplies are included in the fees.

 Any inquiries regarding fees and sponsorship you can contact:


Buthaina Al-Sheeb (Business Support Coordinator)

Tel:     +(974) 44542158
Email: [email protected]


Sara Al Hail (Administrative Assistant )

Tel: +(974) 44542131
Email : [email protected]